Departmental News

The newly constituted Hans-Georg Gadamer Society for Hermeneutic Philosophy has seen fit to award its inaugural Hans-Georg Gadamer Prize to Charles Larmore, for his much noted contributions to moral philosophy and political theory (especially political liberalism), to fundamental topics such as the essence of freedom and the rational nature of human beings, and to the philosophy of language and the ethics of reading.

On behalf of all the editors at A Priori, Brown’s undergraduate journal of philosophy, I am excited to announce that we have just published our 2021 issue.

Although you won't be able to get it hot off the (physical) press this year, you can still check it out in its digital form as a PDF or soon at our archive. Feel free to share it with anyone who you think might be interested!

Eric Choi
Editor-in-chief, A Priori

Congratulations to Professor Bernard Reginster who received a Collaborative Humanities Course Award from the Cogut Institute for the Humanities for his co-taught course with Professor Joachim Krueger from CLPS, Happiness in Psychology and Philosophy.

Congratulations to David Christensen for winning the 2021 Ernest Sosa Prize Lecture Award from the American Philosophical Association.

Congratulations to Emily Hodges for a successful dissertation defense titled, "Kant on the Intertwining of Individual Moral Development and Ethical Community." Her committee chair was Paul Guyer.