Joshua Schechter, Chair

Professor of Philosophy, Department Chair
Corliss Brackett 307
Office Hours Thursdays 2-4PM and by appointment


Josh Schechter received his PhD from New York University in 2006. He has taught at Brown since 2005. His research ranges from epistemology, to metaethics, to the philosophy of logic and philosophy of mathematics, to technical issues in logic itself.

Much of his current work concerns the epistemology of the a priori—including accounts of a priori justification and explanations of our reliability about a priori matters. Additional work concerns the nature of logic and logical concepts, the nature of objectivity, and the question of when phenomena "call out" for explanation. He also works on issues in core epistemology—for instance, whether justification is internal and whether it is closed under competent deduction.

Schechter was the recipient of an NEH Summer Stipend in 2009 and held a Visiting Fellowship at New College, Oxford University, in Spring 2009.

Recent seminar topics have included the epistemology of inference, the a priori, the metaphysics and epistemology of modality, and recent work in epistemology.