Philosophy Department at Brown University

The Philosophy Department at Brown University offers programs leading to the full range of graduate and undergraduate degrees.

How charming is divine philosophy!
Not harsh and crabbed as dull fools suppose
But musical as is Apollo's lute
And a perpetual feast of nectared sweets

John Milton

The Department of Philosophy has had a long distinguished history at Brown University. The department's faculty offers expertise in all main areas of philosophy and beyond, including:

  • ethics and political philosophy
  • philosophy of mind
  • metaphysics
  • epistemology
  • philosophy of logic
  • philosophy of science
  • philosophy of art
  • history of philosophy (including 19th and 20th century European philosophy)
  • philosophy of/in literature
  • feminist philosophy

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The undergraduate concentration in philosophy offers courses covering all of the main areas of the discipline, from epistemology and metaphysics to philosophy of religion, philosophy of literature, and feminist philosophy.
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Brown University Ph.D. program in Philosophy is designed to provide strong support for students’ research.
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