David Estlund

Lombardo Family Professor of Philosophy


David Estlund is the Lombardo Family Professor of Philosophy in the Philosophy Department at Brown University. He previously taught at University of California, Irvine, and has visited at Australian National University, Harvard Law, and Stanford. His research interests center around such issues as democracy, social justice, political authority and justification, and debates about feasibility and ideal theory. He is editor, recently, of The Oxford Handbook in Political Philosophy (2012), and the author of Democratic Authority: A Philosophical Framework (Princeton, 2008), and Utopophobia: On the Limits (If Any) of Political Philosophy (2020). Estlund has recently offered seminars on political authority, structural injustice, protest and dissent, democracy, and (with Charles Larmore) the philosophy of G. A. Cohen, and Rawls’s A Theory of Justice